Explore new sports wagering with cricket exchange

Explore new sports wagering with cricket exchange

Are you a cricket lover, then you can make money out of your cricket experience? Unbelievable right but to your surprise, it is true now you can earn money when matches are live just by making your real team with cricket exchange which is now known as crex. This is also one among sports betting if you well know about famous sports betting like soccer similar to that cricket betting has become a trend now among cricket lovers. Ready to explore what happened with the cricket exchange, and continue further.

How do get access to crex and its working?

Players can join the cricket exchange just by getting signup with the application. In this crex players can get instant withdrawal with acceptable offers similar to other sports betting however the gameplay is quite different here. When you log in to the site all upcoming matches are listed on the home page where you can also see the latest update about matches and live scores. To the extend players can also check detailed information and score rates of all players this helps them to choose their real team.

How to form your real team and what things are to be considered?

If you are interested to start the play it is essential to form a real team to perform there are certain rules which have to be followed need to know, what are they just check out the below-listed points.

  • Each team built on a cricket exchange should have 11 players and players are allowed to select 7 players from one team who are playing in a real match.
  • Each player has a credit limit for purchase such as for wicketkeeper players 1 to 4 max, batsman 3 to 6 max, all-rounders 1 to 4, and bowler 3t to 6. All purchases would be within the 1000 limit.
  • Once the team is ready with 11 players you need to assign a captain and vice-captain for the team, once it is done you will be credited with bonus points of 1.5 X and 2 X. 
  • For all actions, points will be rewarded to the player and they will be automatically added to the account wallet.
  • Different points will be credited such as batting points – run, boundary bonus, six, half-century bonus, and century bonus. Bowling points – wickets, LBW bonus, 4 & 5 wicket haul bonus, maiden over, fielding points – catch, 3 catch points, stumping, run out direct hit and non-direct hit, and other points like run points, and strike points. 

Likewise, there are several points credited to the team in batting, bowling, and each action in the match. All sounds good but some of you would doubt the security of the application and for fair game. The application also has some security terms for the players each player can use valid documents only once on the site and they cannot be replicated. Only verified accounts are approved from the game, and all types of payments are accepted to make the transaction however the details are not stored on the site. This gives a safe and secure gaming platform to enjoy your cricket passion in a better way!